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Blocked by GoFundMe, Canadian Trucker Convoy Launches Replacement Fundraising Campaign

By Freezing Accounts, GoFundMe Denies Canadian Truckers Food, Fuel, and Heat

Ottawa, Canada, February 3, 2022 – Countering GoFundMe’s move to shut down the fundraising page for the Freedom Convoy 2022, and freeze their funds, leaders of the national Canadian grassroots movement of truckers announced a new crowdsourcing campaign through the social media platform CloutHub.    

The Freedom Convoy, which has come under pressure from government officials trying to choke off protesting truckers from vital resources, raised over $10 million on GoFundMe since January 14 – far more than the amount fundraised by Canada's main political parties over the last quarter.  

"There is no more important movement for freedom across the American continent right now than the Freedom Convoy 2022,” said Jeff Brain, the founder of an all-in-one free speech social media platform CloutHub. “We are proud to support the Canadian Truckers and will help support the other Trucker movements popping up around the world to fight against unlawful mandates. CloutHub is where the world connects and organizes to take on the issues they care about, including defending liberty and freedom.”

Freedom Convoy 2022 has collaborated with social media platform CloutHub to organize its supporters and raise donations to replace the frozen funds. Crowdfunding for the truckers is available at 

These funds are meant to provide the truckers, who are protesting in temperatures as low as -25° F, with food and fuel. Without fuel, the truckers will have no heat – which creates a serious humanitarian problem for those who are peacefully protesting the government vaccine mandates. 

In addition to GoFundMe’s effort to suppress the protest, Big Tech social media has been removing groups and censoring content supporting the grassroots movement. 

CloutHub is an all-in-one platform that gives ordinary people the power to effectively connect, organize and address the issues they care about on a local, state, and national level. CloutHub’s groundbreaking technology allows members to take action on the most pressing issues impacting their lives, communities, and country without fear of censorship. 

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